Experience Innovation @ iDevelop Software Solution
Open Ideas :
"Open Idea” is a platform for R&D engineers to think outside the box, without any boundaries, for new concepts. The ideas should have the potential to be commercialized in near future.
Tech fair for Open Ideas : Innovation team in iDevelop Software Solution periodically conducts Team Competition, where the participants contribute with latest developed Proof of concepts on their submitted open ideas focusing on emerging technologies.
Techno Work Issues – TWI :
TWI is conducted to encourage process improvement across departments through implementation of Best Practices for standardization and increased productivity (time, cost, resources).
Tech fair for Techno work Issues : Tech fair for TWI is periodically conducted by Innovation team in iDevelop, where participants propose their deployed project concepts as proposed best practices with a clear objective to spread their practices across teams in iDevelop.
TechConcepto :
TechConcepto is a dedicated technical brainstorming session conducted with domain experts for product development with respect to specific technical areas. The outcome of this session is reflected through implementation in new products.
Creativity Gym modules :
Creativity Gym is an initiative to sensitize the participants on various tools on creativity & better idea generation. This is also an effort to create a relaxed and informed environment, overall.
Innovation Quiz :
Quizzes are conducted at frequent intervals to sensitize the participants on Innovation related happenings in a creative manner. This team activity challenges the participants to think in multiple directions thus broadening their horizon.
Eye Opener :
[Monthly Market Newsletter] – Eye Opener is technical newsletter that reports latest technological breakthroughs from around the globe, with a strong focus on latest trends.
Innovation Videos :
We run Video clips on innovative concepts to sensitize the viewers on the magic of creative thinking. The themes are chosen with an objective to educate with high entertainment quotient. This activity imbibes the spirit of learning with fun.